Car FREE For The Future

Car Free movement is the future… we are not saying you should drop everything right now and walk everywhere. No… we are innovating new ways you can travel and live a greener life style.

First Group To Create A Car Free City In U.S.

We are a group who is compassionate about creating the first car free city in the United States. By educating our readers, sponsors and our shear will for going green we will succeed, especially with your help and interest in our cause.

This is not something new either… there a many locations around the world that are car free. Below are just a few you can check out. Culture is advancing and many countries around the globe are turning to more green and environment efficient solutions. We have seen green cleaning products which are formulated from remote locations around the globe to create cleaners that not only clean, but also infuse wellness with their aroma therapy fragrances. This is only the beginning…. car free cities are a small part of a large movement.

Sark Island, UK (Pop: 560)

Just so you know… this is not something new, Sark Island is a whole different world and extremely beautiful.

As you can see in the picture it is very beautiful and green. Have you been here..? Is so feel free to comment below.


Featuring more than 40 miles of gorgeous coastline, Sark is located in the English Channel. Only horse-drawn vehicles, bicycles and tractors are allowed on the island — though restrictions on some battery-powered buggies have been waived for the elderly. Passengers and goods arrive only by ferry as no airport exists on Sark and flyovers are strictly prohibited.

 Mackinac Island, Mich (Pop: 600)

Another beautiful place to visit and experience that is car free is Mackinac Island in Mich.

You will see horse driven carriages and is a romantic hot spot for you lovers out there. Truly an amazing going green place to visit and experience.

While a horse-drawn carriage ride may seem like a romantic novelty to some, for the 600 residents of Lake Huron’s Mackinac Island, it’s a way of life. The 3.8-square-mile tourist destination had the foresight to ban all motorized vehicles back in 1898, and today only allows the engine rumbling of some snowmobiles and emergency vehicles. Otherwise, transport is by foot, bicycle or horse-drawn carriage.

The Medina of Fes-al-Bali, Morocco (Pop: 156,000)

A bit bigger then the last two car free cities above, Morocco is a true car free environment. A culture you must experience to believe… while most will say the technology and culture is not advanced like other countries.

The Medina of Fes-al-Bali has it’s own innovation and going green technology hard to comprehend from outsiders. While traveling abroad, some of our readers informed us of preparing for your trip. Being in Morocco, a reader told us that they had a bed bug problem staying in this location. While not all locations in Morocco are infested with bed bugs, I feel it’s nice to share the experience and a green non pesticide spray for bed bugs.

The Medina of Fes-al-Bali is home to more than 156,000 people and is considered one of the largest contiguous car-free urban areas in the world. Its narrow street design is the result of its ancient heritage — with some sections only two feet wide. Not only are cars unable to traverse through the Medina, but riding a bike is also limited due to space.

Hydra, Saronic Islands, Greece (Pop: 3,000+)

Many folks will tell you Greece is busy… and it is. But how about if I told you a great way to avoid the traffic and get the fresh air from the sea and have no vehicles(except garbage trucks) bother your trip. Well, you will love Hydra, Saronic Islands in Greece. The popular is roughly 3,000+ but this all about living and traveling around the sea. A beautiful car free city for our list… you must check out.

Fancy a trip to Greece but want to avoid the traffic? Travel by hydrofoil or catamaran to the island of Hydra, where no vehicles (besides garbage trucks) are allowed. Horses, donkeys and water taxis are your main options, but the city is so compact that practically everyone just walks.

La Cumbrecita, Argentina (Pop: 345)

A little smaller then our Greece location car free city. But this little location is focused on eco tourism and have unique stone-paved streets adjacent to homes in the Alpine scenery. This is another green car free city that doesn’t allow any vehicles. You can only get around the city by foot… and I have to say if you can only walk around by foot, then the people in this city are in great shape and extremely healthy with their own food markets. A completely unique experience if you are around Argentina.

Billed as a pedestrian town, La Cumbrecita focuses on eco-tourism and features small, stone-paved streets amid homes in an Alpine setting. No vehicles are allowed — and access to the town is only by foot after you drive to a parking lot well outside the main entrance. Alpine-style hotels, lodgings and cabins are available, and with permission you may camp anywhere throughout town.

Lamu Island, Kenya (2,000+)

This was originally a center for slave trade, but now has become a great tourist destination. While the history was unfortunate regarding the slave trade, the town now has been recognized a unique tourist destination for folks all over the world. The location is situated adjacent to the ocean in East Africa. There are absolutely no vehicles allowed and if you need fast travel, you better be ready to ride a donkey. Seriously… their main transportation is by mule.

UPDATE: We had one of our readers comment to tell us they had some bed bug problems in this area. While not the entire location has bed bugs, travelling abroad may bring on some un-welcomed visitors. Dave Worthington, from Ohio recommended bed bug bully to prevent and remove any bed bug problem. The product is recommended when travelling abroad to any country.

Once a center for the slave trade, Lamu has since become a tourist destination — in large part to it being mentioned on the World Heritage List as “the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa.” As no vehicles are allowed, the most popular means of transportation is donkey. In fact, there are some 2,000-3,000 working donkeys on the island.

Venice, Italy (Pop: 70,000)

While most people know Venice, they fail to remember that it’s a car free city with it’s little boar rides in the venitian waterways. This city has been car free for centuries and continues to thrive today. Venice is a wonderful location to visit and rich in culture. The car free location is amazing with it’s 400 bridges and 118 small islands. A trip to remember… and of course a car free location.

Ah, Venice. Once you enter this enchanting city, your options for getting around diminish to either walking or boating. In other words, exactly the same as Venetians have done for centuries. The city is Europe’s largest urban car-free area and boasts some 400 bridges connecting the 118 small islands on which it is built.

Feel free to comment on locations you know that are Car Free for our readers. We will keep posting more great spots for our readers and appreciate any collaboration you can offer on your personal favorites.

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