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Greening The City By Greening Your Home

At Car Free City, US are mission is the first to create a Car Free City inside the United States. We believe it’s achievable and has been already been done as you can see here from our Top Car Free City findings.

Greening Your Home

So another mission of ours is to help our readers save the environment by learning more about green solutions. Today, after gathering dozens of hours of information and testing we feel confident to share our finds with you.

After doing some research, I came across a CEO that literally travels around the globe to find unique ingredients from old cultures. The CEO would sit down and learned how these older tribes would use these ingredients.

I found this quite intriguing and the purpose of his green cleaners was simply to infuse wellness using aroma therapy fragrances. Till today, he now has over 150+ green cleaning products which all either non toxic, non pesticide, and/or infuse wellness.

One of the more popular green products is their mold remediation products. The products are called Molderizer & Safe Shield. Both are non toxic formulas which can remove mold(without acids or harsh chemicals) and prevent mold from coming back. Like most of their products, when they were first developed they were only released to large, well known mold remediation companies.

These products were licensed to only them, now after it’s great success with these mold companies. The creators of the product have released the mold cleaning products to the public.

A Unique Green Rust Remover

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this green rust remover. As you will see below in the video, the product is a non toxic rust remover that literally cleans rust without any scrubbing. The product is used by major outdoor stadiums around the U.S., Canada, China, and Europe. Also, cleaning contractors are using the amazing ┬ásolution to cut down labor costs and complete their jobs more efficiently. The product contains no harsh chemicals, acids, and bleach… after looking at the video it’s hard to believe the formula is green due to it’s amazing ability to dissolve the rust.

Now, after it’s great success Rusterizer has been voted one of the top rust removers for Amazon, Sears, and other online retailers. You can find the product at these outlets or simply purchase straight from the manufacturer, which is MyCleaningProducts.com